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Northwest Sleep and Sinus Clinic

The Northwest Sleep and Sinus Clinic is the Northwest’s state-of-the-art sinus and sleep center for the complete management of sinus disorders, sleep apnea and snoring via the most modern non-surgical and surgical methods. The Clinic focuses on identifying the problem and providing the least invasive solution. Many of the procedures are minimally invasive (in-office) procedures in addition to more complex surgical options.

Dr. Ronald A. Krueger is uniquely qualified by having board certification by the American Board of Otolaryngology as well as board certification in Sleep Medicine. There are less than 100 physicians throughout the country that hold both boards. Dr. Krueger has performed over 2,000 procedures to treat snoring and sleep apnea and even more to treat chronic sinus and nasal conditions.

Northwest Sleep and Sinus Clinic are true patient advocates. Their goal is to understand your problem and present you with reasonable options for relief whether it is a sinus, nasal, snoring or sleep apnea problem. They will find the least invasive treatment potentially medical, office procedure or surgical.

Dr. Krueger was identified as one of 13 research sites in 2012 for Balloon Sinuplasty. He has performed more balloon sinuplasty cases than any other surgeon in Washington State, with great results. In addition he was the first clinic recognized to perform office sinuplasty by Acclarent.

Follow through with Dr. Krueger and his staff at Northwest Sleep and Sinus Clinic and soon you will be breathing easy, day and night.
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