Decreased Sense of Smell with Covid-19

Reports have been coming in from my colleagues in rhinology across the globe about the association of decrease sense of smell and sometimes taste with Covid 19 viral infections.

Anecdotal reports from South Korea, Germany and the UK are reporting rates of 30 to 66 percent in infected individuals. Reports are now coming in the United States with similar findings.

What should you do?
– If you start to develop symptoms of decreased sense of smell or taste watch for any other symptoms of Covid 19.
– It may indicate that you are infectious and therefore you should improve your level of self quarantine to avoid exposing others.
– It may also indicate that you should consider testing, contact the Emergency Department to see if you qualify for testing.

If this is a persistent symptom after two weeks and clearing of the virus treatment could be started with irrigation, nasal steroids and olfactory retraining on a case by case basis.
Please contact our office for more information.

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