Snoring & Sleep Apnea Diagnosis

How are sleep disorders diagnosed? If properly diagnosed, most sleep disorders can be treated effectively. Your sleep disorder diagnosis starts with a complete medical history and a targeted physical exam. We also use questionnaires to further identify your symptoms get a better sense of your sleep history.During the diagnostic process the doctor may determine that other tests are necessary to accurately identify your sleep disorder and determine what treatment will effectively treat your condition. These tests may include:


The patient wears an Actigraph for several days to weeks to get a measurement of your sleep schedule. An Actigraph is a small device worn on your wrist like a watch.

Sleep Study

Krueger Sleep and Sinus Clinic has the option of both at home and in lab sleep studies. The choice depends on multiple factors including other medical problems, age and weight. During the study your sleep stages are recorded through the monitoring your brain waves, heart rate, eye movements, breathing, and oxygen saturation.

Multiple sleep latency test

Also referred to as a “nap test,” this test is performed during the day following a sleep study. This test measures the elapsed time from the beginning of a daytime nap to the beginnings of sleep.

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