PROPEL® Implants

About the PROPEL Implant

Dr. Ronald A. Krueger, M.D., F.A.A.C.S. was the first surgeon in the state of Washington to place the PROPEL sinus implant.

The PROPEL Implant solves two of the most vexing problems that sinus surgeons struggle with following sinus surgery. One of which is how to maintain an open airway during the healing process. The more aggressive the surgery is the more likely the body will attempt to heal the area potentially closed. The second problem is that surgery creates inflammatory changes that need to be managed as well.

How does PROPEL work?

The PROPEL implant is a tiny coiled device that functions to hold the airway open following a surgical procedure. Once it has been placed the stent expands to keep the surgical site open meanwhile the PROPEL stent slowly releases a steroid mometasone to reduce inflammation during healing.

This results in more consistently open sinuses and faster healing. The steroid is taken up into the surrounding tissue and the steroid effect will be present for 90 days after placement. The stent itself is dissolves over 2-4 weeks.

Am I a candidate for PROPEL?

Dr. Krueger has used the PROPEL sinus implant in patients since early 2013 with excellent results.

The ideal patients are those who require revision sinus surgery or have nasal polyposis.

A consultation with Dr. Krueger will establish whether Propel is appropriate for you.

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