Non-Invasive Nasal Remodeling

Dr. Krueger has performed the Vivaer procedure for more than 200 patients!

Do you suffer from chronic nasal obstruction?

Millions of people suffer from nasal airway obstruction, which limits the airflow through the nose. Previously, your only options were medications or breathing strips that only offered temporary relief and/or surgeries that can be invasive, painful and are often accompanied by a long recovery period. Vivaer is a one-time non-invasive procedure that can be performed in minutes in our office. Vivaer Nasal Airway Remodeling uses a low-temperature process that gently reshapes tissue of the nasal airway to help you breathe easier right away.


Proven technology effectively treats your nasal obstruction by gently reshaping your nasal tissues.


Simple in-office treatment is completed using only local anesthetic allowing you to return to normal activity right away.



Clinically Proven

Clinical studies have shown significant improvement in nasal obstruction symptoms, similar to more invasive surgical treatments.
Aerin Medical’s non-invasive Vivaer Nasal Airway Remodeling device, permanently addresses chronic nasal congestion without the need for surgery. This is a quick outpatient procedure performed in office, in which radiofrequency energy is applied to cartilage using a wand that is inserted up the nose. This technology reshapes the internal nasal valve region, where your cartilage on the side of your nose meets your septum, changing it’s shape just a bit to open up the valve and improve airflow.

Nasal Obstruction

Nasal airway obstruction, also known as a congested or blocked nose, can dramatically impact the quantity and quality of the air you breathe in.


Nasal Obstruction Problems

  • Chronic nasal congestion, or stiffness
  • Persistent nasal blockage or obstruction
  • Difficulty breathing through nose
  • Difficulty sleeping, snoring, and fatigue
  • Inability to get enough air during activities

Nasal Obstruction Causes

Narrowing of the nasal valve may be caused by an enlargement of any of the three primary structures, decreasing the overall nasal airway area.

Nasal Airway Obstruction

The septum, Lateral Wall, and Turbinates for a triangular area known as the Nasal Valve. If any of these tissues enlarge, nasal airway size is reduced, causing lower airflow.

  • The septum is the narrow ridge of bone and tissue between the two nostrils.
  • The Turbinates are fingers of tissue that direct and warm air as it enters the nasal cavity.
  • The lateral Wall is the side tissue that forms the outer wall of the nose.


Vivaer Nasal Airway Remodeling is a simple, one-time treatment that can open up your nasal passages and restore free breathing without surgery. Vivaer uses a low-temperature process that gently reshapes tissues of the nasal airway.

Dr. Krueger is the first to perform Vivaer in the Pacific Northwest.

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